Hopes city will embrace affordability

I am native to this area and have been fortunate to be able to call Avalon Calabasas my home for nearly three decades now.

And in that time, I’ve seen a lot of change, both in my own life and to the surrounding Calabasas community. But, luckily, there is one thing that hasn’t changed: My monthly rent has remained reasonable.

Yet, all that could change in the months ahead as the housing program here is coming to an end.

Fortunately there is a proposal on the table that would keep the rents from rising rapidly for me and my neighbors at Avalon Calabasas. I signed on as a proponent of a proposed ballot initiative to maintain 80 rent-restricted affordable units at the Avalon Calabasas community at reasonable rates while allowing new units on already-developed land on our very large site.

This new construction would not cause view impacts and will help the city preserve our beloved open space by building on existing developed land instead of on virgin open space.

I really love the community that we share here at Avalon Calabasas and I can’t imagine living elsewhere.

This is the last option for attainable housing in Calabasas so it would be devastating if it goes away. I hope that my fellow citizens will make sure that does not happen and support a solution that works for us residents, our neighbors here and the City of Calabasas.

Kim Harwood


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